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Innovation Center

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Make your idea a reality. The Innovation Center is a state of the art resource provided through the Upshur County Development Authority.

Here you’ll be able to download a variety of resources available to help you get started, including business plan guides, information on upcoming events and programs to help you network and connect with other entrepreneurs.

A Place For Personal & Professional Growth

Our Innovation Center provides a supportive environment for founders to develop their business ideas and to connect with like-minded individuals. The center offers a variety of resources, including office space, meeting rooms, and event space. It’s also a great place to network and to build relationships with other entrepreneurs.

Starting a Business

Starting a small business can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Gain access to helpful tools to build your startup faster and plan your business for success.


Networking can help you find new ideas and solutions to problems, and it can also help you build relationships with other business owners. When you network with other business owners, you can learn from their experiences and knowledge, and you can also share your own experiences and knowledge with them.

Marketing Market Research

Gain access to the latest market research to help target your product or service to the right target audience and location.

Managing Your Business

It’s important to have systems and processes in place to manage your business. This includes things like creating and maintaining a budget, keeping track of inventory, and managing employee schedules.

Innovation Center News

The Innovation Center is your one-stop shop for small business needs; we can provide access to all the resources you need to be successful, including:

  • Start-up Assistance
  • Marketing Market Research
  • Management
  • Business Planning
  • Finance

Innovation Center
Located at the corner of Main Street & Spring Street

Phone: 304-472-1757, Ext. 1